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Those who love you unconditionally are your family | Quotes

Quotes If your friends understand what you are going through without you telling them, they are your

Quotes Whatever you put in the world find its way back to you if you put love out there love will find

After a Hectic day if you have a comfortable home to go back to you have a lot | Quotes

After all the struggles and hardships when you'll look back you'll be glad | Quotes

Quotes You could have all the opportunities and blessings in life but if you have a bad attitude, all of

Most people are normally blind to what they do to others, and if you tell them they feel hurt | Quotes

Quotes If you plan to take revenge you'll waste time and energy, but if you leave it to karma you'll get

Stressing is not going to help you, neither will make things better | Quotes

If the same thing upset you more than once, you got to pay attention | Quotes

Quotes Those who seek attention lose respect, and those who seek respect, gain attention as

Silence is the only thing that can save you from many troubles | Quotes

Those who can sense your sadness and happiness are priceless people, never lose them Quotes

Quotes Nothing Happens without a reason, and someday you'll find out all the reasons, so for now

Quotes Unless you are asked to give your opinion don't give it, and as long as you are not asked to

Quotes Nothing in this universe or in your life happens without a reason, everything has a reason

Quotes God works in mysterious ways when you talk ill about others He blesses them and you can

Stress Quotes The car that you like today may not be as important to you after an year as it is today

Quotes It's okay to have weak moments, bad days, hard times, rough times, they only make us

Quotes The reason we get in trouble is because we say things when we don't know what to say

If you are working hard remember the climb maybe hard but the view from the top is amazing | Quotes

At a certain point in life your interests begin to change you are more interested in respect | Quotes

The day you realize that you don't need recognition from others you'll set yourself free | Quotes

Quotes Smarter people tend to have less friends because most of the times they are happy with their

The actual joy of life is moment to moment and those who realize it become joyful | Quotes

When you are selectively social life becomes more joyful and peaceful | Quotes

Quotes Not everybody who listens to you sincere to you, speak your heart only when you know you

There are certain steps that you can follow to absolutely change your life | Quotes

Strong women raise strong daughters | Quotes

12 steps to stress free life | Quotes

A prayer that is backed by strong faith can change the world | Quotes

You could chose to be positive and joyful or negative and hateful | Quotes

Quotes Your soul need peace more than anything else, so don't hold grudges or anger, they hurt

Quotes The Three most important things in life, the first one is your Dignity, the second is your heart,

Quotes The Things that irritate you actually shape you, The things that anger you actually teach

Quotes If you know they are not going to understand then don't waste your words, Silence for such

You could have the world but if you don't have a friend to share it with you have nothing | Quotes

The paper you get when you get married has nothing to do with you marriage's life | Quotes

There are certain you meet in life and you are never the same | Quotes

Quotes To some people you could speak for days and at the end they wouldn't know nothing

Quotes You can act nice for a day, even for a month but if you are not really nice at heart, it will

Loyalty Trust and actions have a deep relationship, One cannot exist without the other | Quotes

Natures proves that after hardships and struggles there is always something amazing | Quotes

Quotes Don't make friendships that won't last, because in the end all you need is loyal people

Quotes You'll love every bit of your every move when you'll walk away from the things that are not

Quotes If you look back closely at your troubles you'll notice that those troubles benefited you in one

You don't have to answer everyone who's pointing at you, stay silent and move | Quotes

If you to learn something learn how to stay calm and it will benefit you big time | Quotes

Quotes The food that is cooked by your mother is 100 times more healthier than the food you eat

Quotes Saying you are busy is just an excuse, if something really really matters, you can always make

It's never too late to start the life you've always imagined | Quotes

Those who want you to stay, they make the effort to keep you in Quotes