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Quotes Ever notice that they people who are the wisest chose to spend more time alone, and people

Quotes When you are above and beyond every stupidity, you never get affected by anger and you

Quotes Whenever anger arrives the first place that it destroys is where it first steps and where it gets

Quotes Never assume your dreams to be too big to be achieved. Always trust and believe that no

Quotes Every time you feel hurt or angered by someone remember the fact that they could be

Quotes Most people never reach the success they want is because they give up when problems

Quotes When you forgive others you are actually doing yourself a favor, because forgiveness brings

Quotes Without balance you can't go far, so make sure if somebody's weighing you down more

Quotes Life is meant to be lived just the way it is, the way things turn out, because the moment you

Quotes The only thing that stays with us all along the way are our memories, good ones makes

Quotes Sometimes people create lots of drama to solve one problem, whereas if they had chosen

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