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Prayer For Peace

Healing in Body, Mind, Heart And Relationships.

I Pray you would feel safe and cared for by God today. As you love, respect and obey Him, He will protect you and direct your steps - Prayers.

I Pray Protection over your thoughts and emotions today. May any negativity or fear be removed and may Hope and peace fill your heart - Prayers.

I Pray you would know deep in your heart that nothing is impossible for God. He is able to do so much more than we can imagine - Prayers.

I pray you would know that God created you for Greatness. You are one of a kind, Powerful, Talented, and Loved - Prayers.

I Pray you know these words deep in your heart today, You are Forgiven, Jesus died for your sins, you are not condemned - Prayers.

I Pray The Holy Spirit will fill your heart with Peace. May His Presence Calm and comfort you - Prayers