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How Beautiful It Is To Stay Silent When Someone Expects You To Be Enraged

Goodbyes Are Only For Those Who Love With Their Eyes Because For Those Who Love With Heart and Soul There Is No Such Thing As Separation.

The Body Heals With Play, The Mind Heals With Laughter And The Spirit Heals With Joy.

Look After your Friends. Make Sure They Are Okay. Sometimes They Are Going Through things That are Really Heavy but they Might Not Say it.

Woke Up in My Bed | Not In a Cell | Not In a Casket | Not In a Hospital Thank God For another UnPromised Day..

Be Grateful for The Little Things | Don't Overthink a lot and Get Stressed Over What You Can't Control

People Would Rather Stop Speaking To You Instead Of Apologizing When They're Wrong.

Beautiful Things Happen In Your Life When You Distance Yourself From All the Negative Things.

A Determined Woman Will Fight To Turn a Wrong Into What's Right.

What We Could be If We Stopped Carrying The Remains Of Who We Were

When I Accept Myself, I Am Freed From The Burden Of Needing You To Accept Me.

It's Now Or Never | No Next Time | No next time | No Second Chance | No time Out.