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When You Start Looking At People's Heart Instead Of Their Face, Life Becomes Clear.

The People Whose First Instinct Is To Smile When You Make Eye Contact With Them Are Some Of Earth's Greatest Treasure

My Goal In Life Is To Be Filthy Rich. Rich In Adventure, In Health, In Knowledge, In Laughter, In Family And In Love.

Change Is Hard At First, Messy In the Middle, And Gorgeous At the End

Some People Are Old At 18 And Some Are Young At 90 Time Is a Concept That Humans Created.

The Very Basic Things that Money Can't Buy

The Strongest People Make Time To Help Others Even If They Are Struggling With their Own Problems.

How You Make Others Feel About Themselves Say a Lot About You.

Silence is More Powerful than Having The last Word

Don't Be A Prisoner To Things You Can't Change

Don't Sacrifice Your Peace Trying To Point Out Someone's True Colors Because Lack Of Character Always ...

Never Allow The Taste Of Success To Fool You Into ...

Studies-2015 Prove Drinking At Correct Time Maximizes Its Effectiveness

If You Don't Fail | You Don't Learn | You Will Never ...

You Can't Be Both Awesome And Negative Chose One