The Cells In Your Body React To everything That Your Mind Says. Negativity Brings Down Your immune System.

For those looking for a more in depth explanation, negative thought activate the body's stress response such as the fight or flight response. Those responses are there for life threatening situations, but because the way we let negativity take over it activates way more then normally, flooding the system with cortisol and adrenaline, killing the immune system and creating lasting muscle tension.

75% of your immune system is in your gut, watch what you eat, or drink. Like oatmeal it contains 
Phytic acid which causes problems with digestion it causes absorption problems, And fluoride and chlorine which are taken into the pineal gland and begins to calcify it the gland should take in iodine but it can't do as it should , the pineal gland sends info, to the thyroid which regulates metabolism , chlorine And fluoride will dumb you down, low iodine levels can drop your IQ by 12 points or More more so in young children 
Also ck on L Lysine low levels of this can will give a person the same symptoms as depression L Lysine is needed to produce hormones antibodies etc,  Xanax look it up what is it, does it contain fluoride? Soda contains a chemical that's called Benzoate it's a known poison, if you want to be healthy ask yourself do you smoke , stop putting this poison into your body and immune system should recover.