Be Strong But Not Rude Be Kind Bur Not Weak Be Bold But Don't Bully Be Humble But Not Shy Be Confident But Not Arrogant.

Life can't be even imagined without love and compassion on this earth. Love, compassion and respect are beyond caste, races, religion and any discriminatory elements. Love and compassion are solid foundation for humanity. We can grow personally, professionally and spiritually in the light of love and compassion. When you spread your wings of love, happiness, kindness, respect, help and peace throughout the world then you can fly at mountainous height of happiness, abundance, success and peace. So be the light in someone's life and make huge difference in others life then Lord will reward you infinitely. As valid truth says "The greatest joy of life can be accomplished when someone smile from within once you love them unconditionally, share them your wisdom, finance and lift them up emotionally and spiritually by your kinds words"